Welcome to the Department of Medicine at Women’s College Hospital!

The focus of clinical care here at WCH is innovative with a major emphasis on ambulatory care.  The central aim is to deliver coordinated care to patients in an ambulatory setting in order to prevent the need for inpatient hospitalization.

In line with this clinical emphasis, our goal from an educational standpoint is to provide specific complimentary training and teaching surrounding ambulatory medicine topics.

While you are situated at WCH for your clinical rotation (and even beyond!), I hope you will find the resources contained within this WCH CMR Blog to be of use to you. The website is reviewed and updated regularly in order to optimize usability and content.Feel free to direct any feedback you have regarding this website or your clinical experience at WCH to cmr@wchospital.ca.

Leora Branfield Day
Chief Medical Resident 201-2020