Last updated May 3, 2020

  • Please note that as of May 3, 2020, if you have worked at Toronto Western Hospital in any capacity in the preceding 14 days that you must be cleared by Occupational Health (416-323-6400 extension 6023) prior to commencing work at Women’s College Hospital.

Clinical Resources

COVID-19 Clinical Resources

​COVID-19 Critical Care Clinical Resources

Toronto Critical Care Learning

  • Create an account here (access code Trcc2020)! Email confirmation from

Toronto Public Health – Information Sheets

Homeless Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) and Confirmed Cases

Patients leaving Against Medical Advice

  • Please encourage them to stay. Call your staff and Toronto Public Health immediately if they do leave AMA

Protected Code Blues

Education Updates

Educational Rounds

EPIC – Ordering COVID-19 Swab

  • Search for “COVID-19 ” on EPIC

WCH Entrance

  • WCH will screen patients and visitors at all doors. Remember to have your badge with you to access sites. Please enter from the door on Grenville, which is the staff entrance.

Scrubs and Personal Protective Equipment


​WCH Mask Policy​

  • Starting May 3rd, all healthcare workers are required to wear a face shield in any patient interaction. Please clean and save your face shield for future use.
  • All healthcare works must wear a mask throughout their shifts to protect themselves and each other. You will receive 1 mask at the start of your shift. You can receive another mask from the lobby or from your clinical area if: visibly soiled, makes contact with a patient, or it becomes moist/integrity compromised
    • Masks may be removed temporarily during breaks, for meals, and use of washroom.
    • The procedure mask will continue to be used (not replaced) after caring for a patient under droplet and contact precautions, so long as a face shield is used while in the room.

COVID-19 Specifics

  • Droplet-contact precautions are recommended for routine care
    • This includes a gown, surgical mask with a visor or face shield (eye protection) and gloves
  • Airborne precautions are required for Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (e.g, suctioning, intubation)
    • This includes an N95 fit-tested respirator, face shield (with attached bib for protected code blue), gown and gloves (longer cuffed for protected code blue).

Personal Protective Equipment

Other Updates

​University of Toronto




  • Self-screen for fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and stay home if you’re sick.
  • If you develop symptoms at work, please wash your hands, put on a procedure mask, and call Occupational Health-
  • If you are unable to work please inform:
    • Your WCH rotation coordinator & Mark Jankie (
    • For core Internal Medicine trainees – your base hospital administrative coordinator
    • Site Director – Dr. Jakov Moric (
    • Chief Medical Resident (
    • If it is last minute, please also do your best to e-mail the staff you are scheduled to work with directly so as not to avoid any delays in making them aware.

Occupational Health

  • Phone number: 416-323-6400 Ext. 6023
  • Email:

COVID-19 Assessment Centres


  • It is recommended that you avoid all non-essential travel

Wellness and Resident Support

Program Contacts

  • Dr. Leora Branfield Day (CMR): 416-624-1674
  • Dr. Jakov Moric (Site Director). Page through locating

Local Wellness Resources

  • ​Dr John Hunter and Robert Maunder:
  • Toronto Distress Centres: 416-408-4357 (HELP) or Text: 45645
    • 24-hour confidential emotional support and crisis intervention 7 days a week to individuals in our community at risk
  • Gerstein Centre: 416-929-5200
    • 24-hour confidential emotional support and crisis intervention for adults in Toronto

Physician Health Program (PHP)

  • 1.800.851.6606
  • The Physician Health Program, through the OMA, offers confidential support for trainees and practicing physicians through live counselors available between 9am and 5pm.

CAMH – ECHO Ontario Coping with COVID

  • This program is designed for residents supporting the current Pandemic to share and learn about ways to build resilience and wellness through didactic lectures and case-based discussions.
  • Sessions will run weekly on Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm & Fridays 12:30-1:30pm, starting Friday, March 27th, 2020.
  • To register visit:

Peer to Peer Support Resources

  • Afterhours IM Resident Group: Next meeting April 27th 7pm and q1-2 weeks thereafter. Email Leora for link.
  • ​Pandemic Peer-2-Peer Support Group
    • ​This is an online, video conference, resident-only peer support group for residents who want to talk about the pandemic, clinical practice, impacts on their lives, or anything else. Contact Leora Branfield Day for mor einfo



  • Parking is free for all staff members during COVID-19. You can park on P2 or P3 with your badge.


  • PGME has secured housing for residents who have to self-isolate away from home and family through Staywell. PGME will pay for up to half the cost under certain conditions outlined in their email (see summary document on Quercus).
  • If you need to access this option, wou can also contact StayWell directly at with “Healthcare worker” in the subjectline.
  • There are other completely free options as well, please contact Leora for any questions.


Staying Well at Home