Image Challenge – June 18th

Reference link here – see below for full reference.

Question: Name the physical exam finding in the image below!

Answer: This is livedo reticularis. This can be localized or more widespread, and is patchy, reticulated and appears like a vascular network. The colour is red-blue or violaceous and can occur as a result of medium-vessel vasculitis, vasospasm, thrombosis, hypercoagulable disorders, or in the setting of an embolic cause. The article that the picture is from cites livedo reticularis in the setting of infective endocarditis.


  1. Granel, B., Genty, I., Serratrice, J., Rey, J., Disdier, P., Raoult, D., & Weiller, P. J. (1999). Livedo reticularis revealing a latent infective endocarditis due to Coxiella burnetti. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology41(5 Pt 2), 842–844.
  2. Fett, N. May 2022. Evaluation of adults with cutaneous lesions of vasculitis. UpToDate.

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