A warm welcome to the new academic year

Ever since I started on the wards as a clerk, I have come to think of July 1 as “New Years Day”. As a resident this is even more apparent.

There is a magical effect that happens at this time of year where the act of moving forward a year erases some of the tension from the year before. Tired PGY-1s transform into a little less burnt out PGY-2s (and so on) and a new batch of residents enter into practice refreshed.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and reminds me of my own humble beginnings on the wards.

To our newest residents joining our ranks as physicians: Welcome! July is filled with growth.  The learning curve is steep which means it can feel uncomfortable at best. Even the strongest residents feel this. You are not alone.

To residents who now find themselves in a more senior position or new roles (myself included): Congratulations! You have survived and thrived through another year of residency and no matter how long your residency is, you are one year closer.  What better time to reflect on the growth that you have experienced in the last year? Do you remember your first order and how unsure you felt? I sure do!  What else have you accomplished this year that you never thought you would?  What families and patients stand out as having the most impact on you?

I am so looking forward to this year as chief resident at Women’s College Hospital. This blog has had some growing pains over the years and we are adapting to reflect changes in how we all use the internet. The archives still contain many clinical pearls and tips that are helpful for WCH and medicine in general. However, I’m going to try my hardest to keep this site a useful and relevant resource for you all!

Happy new year

Liz Hendren

CMR Women’s College 2018-2019

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