Education Update: Novel Learning Strategies

Optimal learning occurs in different ways for different people.

In today’s post, I wanted to introduce a novel platform for medical education, and an innovative way that I have employed for myself to enable remembering large amounts of information.


Created by Dr. Sanjay Sharma, an opthalmologist from Queen’s University, MEDSKL is an open-access, web-based platform with international input from faculty that brings a modern approach to teaching with brief whiteboard animations, summaries, and truncated video lectures that are perfect for the era of digital learning in short intervals of time. Sign up for a free account and see what you think!

The Memory Palace:

Many of you already know that the TEDtalk series has had a major influence on my development as a physician and teacher. One talk I highly recommend watching is Josh Foer’s “Feats of memory anyone can do.” In it, he proposes the concept of creating a memory palace to consolidate and memorize large amounts of information. I’ve actually applied this technique to my learning in medicine, and have found it to be surprisingly effective. Give it a shot! Joshua Foer’s TEDtalk


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